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The Ultimate Guide to Self-Quarantining

Across the globe, we’ve all been asked to do our part to help contain the spread of COVID-19. Social distancing, self-quarantining, and self-isolation are just a few of the terms floating around to remind us to stay inside.

It’s still pretty uncertain when our lives will return ‘back to normal,’ and until that day comes, we have to hunker down, stay home, and patiently wait for this quarantine to be over.

So to help make all this time spent at home a little easier, we’ve assembled the ultimate guide to self-quarantining. It contains ideas to keep you inspired, informed, productive, creative, and most importantly, not bored.

Get The Facts First

Updates regarding COVID-19 seem to change by the minute, so it’s important to stay in the loop of what’s happening. You don’t want to miss any critical information.

Digital Tools for Working from Home

If you’re adjusting to working from home, it helps to have a few tools to keep you productive and in communication with your team. We recommend these:

For meetings

For productivity

  • Tomato timer uses the Pomodoro Technique to encourage you to knock out tasks in 25-minute cycles.

For communication

  • Slack allows you to instantly message people in your organization. Share files, updates, jokes—the list goes on.

For proposals, legal documents, etc.

  • DocuSign lets you easily send and sign documents electronically.

Learn from The Futur

With much of our free time being spent at home, self-quarantining doesn’t have to mean sitting and staring at the ceiling. Instead, let’s exercise our brains and learn something new.

As a matter of fact, we’ve temporarily reduced tuition for all of our courses. Now’s the perfect time to pick up a new skill, whether it’s creative, business-oriented, or for personal development. What course is calling out to you?

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‍More Learning Resources

This is the Internet, after all, and you can learn just about anything anywhere. We recommend these online platforms for anything else you might want to learn while self-quarantining:

For the curious

  • YouTube Learning lets you learn literally anything, from study tips, illustration, computer science, to fitness.
  • PBS Digital Studios houses educational series on a variety of topics.
  • Pop into free virtual museums, concerts, plays, and more on CNN style.

For the college course lovers

  • Class Central offers over 500 online Ivy League courses, completely free.
  • edX gives you access to over 2500 courses from the world’s 140 top institutions and universities.

For the career chasers

For the tech-savvy

  • freeCodeCamp offers free coding lessons and certifications in a variety of languages.
  • The Odin Project offers a free curriculum for you to jumpstart your web development career.
  • Unity Learn provides courses, tutorials, and live learning sessions to master coding, 3D animation, and more.

For the marketer in you

  • Digital Marketer is the online learning hub for all things marketing. Get certified in content marketing, social media marketing, copywriting, and more.

For the kids

  • Scholastic’s online learning hub offers subjects for students grade 6-9.
  • PBS provides free videos, interactive lessons, and more for your kids to learn from.